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Use A Living Wall As Wall Accessories

All of us probably have many paintings and artwork as wall accessories and we most likely have a few indoor plants as well. Here is a relatively new concept: use a living wall as wall accessories. I am sure we would all like to have something different and unusual for decorating our homes and by using a living wall as wall accessories adds quite a conversation piece to any room; this is a way of combining wall art and living plants together.

The living green wall is a fairly new idea for any interior designer to add to their repertoire. All a living wall consists of is plant arrangements designed to give the effect that the plants are growing on the wall or growing out of the wall. I am sure you have seen many buildings that have vegetation or vines growing up the side of them. A living wall is basically the same type of concept except it is made for indoors.

The outdoor green walls are actually growing straight up from the natural soil surrounding the structure they seem to be climbing. The indoor living wall does not have that luxury. It takes a bit more planning as it requires a more intricate irrigation and feeding system than just your regular indoor plant. The results of an indoor living wall can be a lot more gratifying than a single plant here or there.

If you have a limited amount of space for indoor plants a living wall as wall accessories can help that problem, seeing as they do not take up any floor space. The size of your living wall can range from a small picture frame to the size of your entire wall. You can have one build that will meet your exact needs or how you want your wall to look.

There are some health benefits in keeping indoor plants, and a living wall will give you more opportunities for extra plant life in a smaller area. The living wall will help remove the pollutants and toxins from our indoor air. Seeing that we spend quite a bit of time indoors this will enhance our health greatly. It is a very natural and effective way to keep the air in our homes purified, our family, friends, and guests will be happy for that. Because of the health benefits, the conservation of space, and unique appearance, living walls as wall accessories are increasing in popularity.

These innovative growing green walls can be placed on home walls, apartment walls, hotels, resorts, office and restaurants. No other display of plants can create all this drama and be so easy to maintain. These wall-mounted living walls add breath-taking displays of plant life to you home or office. Many of these living walls are available as kits and will include planting grids, top and bottom trays, mounting hardware, a frame, and complete instructions for mounting and planting. You simply water the wall through the top reservoir, the water trickles down to each grid and the excess water will collect in the tray at the bottom. Flowers and succulents are great in a bright light area and ivies and ferns in a low light area.

Many more people these days want to use a living wall as wall accessories instead of having individual plants all over the house. Having a green living wall is going to be a great conversation piece and you will find more friends will want to spend more time in that particular room.


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