Inspired by Nature
Rooftops that can help you go green
"Go green" is a phrase that is gaining momentum, not only in suburban living but also with city dwellers. This movement has naturally progressed from planting a few trees in the backyard or in a local park to implementing green roofs. Both individual city dwellers and municipalities are starting to conquer the concrete jungle and beautifying their surroundings by planting green roofs.

"Living roofs", as they are sometimes referred to due to their ability to support life, are widely appreciated because they have the tendency to counter the heat island effect which is the increase in environmental temperature in urban areas when compared to the surrounding rural areas. At a time when natural habitats are being destroyed to construct buildings, creating new habitats is a welcome change.

Roofs that are partially or fully covered with vegetation are considered a green roof. They may contain everything from simple sod to flowers to a productive vegetable garden. They are usually grown using a technical infrastructure including waterproof membranes, filter layers, and retaining structures.

There are a few main categories of green roofs: Extensive roofs, semi intensive and Intensive roofs. An Intensive roof is thicker and can support a number of plants. On the downside they are heavier and require more maintenance. In contrast, an Extensive roof is lighter and is easy to maintain but they cannot support the variety of plants as the Intensive roofs.

Looking beyond the health benefits a green roof can provide, we find that they can have a financial impact too. Reduced heating and air-conditioning bills offer an immediate benefit, while longer term there is a potential to increase the value of the building. Also, the life span of the roof may increase since it is not exposed to the elements when vegetation protects the roofing material.

While it may seem esoteric, there is a growing craze and recognition for green rooftops and you would be surprised at the number of professional architects available to help you make your rooftop green if you need the assistance.

Green roofing is a great way to utilize the available space on your roof properly. Instead of leaving the space to be as it is, you can brighten it up by planting vegetation, and since you are going to gain something out of it.

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