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Vertical Plantscapes South Africa - Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town

Vertical Plantscapes - Living Walls - Vertical Gardens

This cutting edge concept has it all:

  • Beauty
  • Environmental
  • Practicality
  • Psychological benefits
  • Marketing benefits


vertical plantscape  

Behind the creation of the infinitely variable designs is a modular living wall panel that is pre-grown for both residential and commercial applications. It provides rugged construction and ease of installation. Made from 80% post industrial HDPE polyethylene for its recycle ability and long life, it is one of the few plastics that can be recycled back into itself fully. The black colour also means that the plastic will be more UV stable without as many chemical additives. This plastic is also very resistant to chemicals found in fertilizers ensuring a very long product life span. Some of the many applications for these walls are the following:
  • Exterior Walls of Buildings
  • Interior Walls or freestanding features of Stores and Offices
  • Herb vertical garden in your kitchen or outdoor wall
  • Atriums
  • Company Logos
  • Billboards and Signs
  • Exhibition Booths at Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Special Event Promotions
  • Roof Gardens and Open space areas

Living Walls Research

Living Walls has been conducting for Vertical Plantscapes using native South African plants and non native plants. With their experience grained from over seven years working with plants on walls in Canada and over four years here in South Africa bringing you creatively designed vertical plantscapes.

Green walls and vertical gardens:
• Provide sound insulation
• Improve air quality
• Reduce the Heat Island Effect
• Moderate a building’s internal temperature
• Create a microclimate
• Help a building retain heat otherwise lost to convection
• Provide storm water management, absorbing 45-75% of rainfall
• Serve as a natural water filter and water temperature moderator
• Provide biodiversity and a natural animal habitat

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Exterior Vertical Plantscape Applications

vertical gardens vertical gardens

Commercial Vertical Plantscapes

Vertical Plantscapes Vertical Wall With Plants
vertical gardens vertical landscape

Residential Vertical Plantscapes and Vertical Gardens

Vertical Plant Wall
Vertical Plant Wall
Succulents in living wall panels Plants on wall
DIY Living Wall Panel DIY Living Wall Panels

Interior Vertical Garden Applications


Plants on Walls resturant Plants on Walls in bar
Vertical Plantscape in Store Vertical Plantscape
Vertical Landscape Plants on Walls in lounge
Vertical Landscape Plants on Walls in lounge


Temporary Vertical Plantscapes

Living Walls can be designed to interpret marketing logo, environmental impact for trade shows and events.

Custom Made Vertical Plantscape Vertical landscape
Plants on Walls at Trade Show Plants on Walls at Trade Show

Hotel Lounges

Vertical Landscape Hotel Plants on Walls in Lounge


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