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Vertical Plantscapes...
is Africa's leading and most experienced living wall design firm located in South Africa. For the latest development in living walls, vertical gardens and green roof systems available to architects, landscape architects, landscapers and home DIY hobbyists.
We offer expertise from concept through to implementation and maintenance.
Designers and architects - Let your imagination run and create stunning environmental masterpieces of living art on walls and roofs or use our design consultation service to assist in design and plant selection.
Vertical Gardens can be designed into water features, landscapes, buildings and intimate urban yards. By incorporating vertical landscaping into the design of a structure, an architect, business or home owner can have the green benefit of living walls and green roofs.
vertical gardens
For the DIY enthusiast wanting to create their own vertical garden or green roof. We have the ideal solution for your project.

With over 25 years experience in hydroculture and interior plantscape design, with a passion for the environment and 'smart' technology from North America, Europe and Africa. It was an easy transition to embrace the
greenroofs south africavative and infinitely variable concept of vertical gardens for over the past 15 years. Being both interior and exterior, small or large, commercial or residential there is enormous scope for interpretation of the client's brief in design. Living walls in this form have recently been available and Vertical Plantscapes have brought them to Africa along with a user friendly version of green roofing.
Vertical Plantscapes offer full design, planting, installation & maintenance of both the living wall panels and green roofs. Please contact us with your project and we will be happy to help.

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